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  • FAQ

    • What types of lighting can be installed?
      With a variety of sizes and styles of recessed and traditional lighting to choose from, professionally installed lighting systems can enhance any area of a home or building, including kitchens, theaters, bars, pantries, etc. We can help you to determine the lighting that is best for your home or building based on the layout of the rooms in question.
    • What makes Four Star Lighting and Electric, Inc. different from other electrical companies?
      Our team operates on the belief that our customers deserve the utmost in quality, service, and honesty. If there is a possibility that you have an issue that can be resolved over the phone, then we’ll walk you through it. Dedication to excellence and integrity is what keeps customers coming back, and we strive to provide the most professional and ethical service you will find anywhere.
    • There are strange noises coming from the service panel. What could they be?
      There may be a defective breaker that needs replacement. Call us as soon as possible in order to prevent further harm to your home’s electrical system.
    • What is a surge protector? Should I get one?
      surge protector helps to protect your electrical devices from power surges that occur. In order to protect your electronic devices and prevent having to replace broken devices after a surge, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss installing a surge protector.