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Changing or upgrading your electrical service panel is a job for a professional, experienced, and highly trained electrician from our team at Four Star Lighting and Electric The heart of your home’s electrical system, the service panel, controls all electrical circuits in your home. At our electrical service company, we use the highest quality materials that are compliant with all housing codes in your area so that you can be confident in our work and the quality of the service panel.

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Repairs for Any Component of Your Electrical Panel

At Four Star Lighting and Electric, all of our technicians are licensed and are trained on a yearly basis in order to maintain our knowledge and expertise in the electrical industry. Our combined training and more than 50 years of experience are a reservoir of information for our younger technicians to learn from and pass down to future generations.

We can repair or service any component of your electrical service panels, including:

  • The main circuit breaker panel
  • The panel door or enclosure
  • Burn bus bars
  • Water damage
  • Individual circuit breakers
  • Ground wires
  • Updated grounding

How Often Should an Electrical Service Panel Be Inspected?

The frequency of inspecting or repairing an electrical service panel depends on factors like panel age, home wiring condition, and local regulations. Generally, it's recommended to have a professional inspection every 3 to 5 years. Inspections help identify hazards like loose connections, corrosion, overheating, or outdated components. Older homes, frequent power surges, recent appliance additions, or high electrical loads may require more frequent inspections. Contact our licensed electricians for personalized advice on inspection and repair frequency.

Upgrade to a Modern Electrical Panel

If your home still has an outdated electrical panel, it may be time to consider upgrading to a modern, more efficient model. The latest electrical panels offer improved safety features, increased capacity, and better reliability for your home's electrical system. Our team of expert electricians in Lowell can assess your current panel and recommend the best options to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of upgrading to a modern electrical panel include:

  • Increased electrical capacity for modern appliances and electronics
  • Enhanced safety features to protect against electrical hazards
  • Improved reliability to prevent power outages and electrical issues
  • Compliance with current electrical codes and regulations
  • Potential savings on your homeowner's insurance premiums

Don't wait until your electrical panel becomes a safety hazard or causes electrical issues in your home. Contact Four Star Lighting and Electric, Inc. today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about upgrading to a modern electrical panel.

What are some common components of an electrical service panel that may need repair?

Common components of an electrical service panel that may need repair include the main circuit breaker panel, the panel door or enclosure, burn bus bars, water damage, individual circuit breakers, ground wires, and updated grounding.

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The Right Time to Replace an Electrical Service Panel

There are some signs to watch out for if you are concerned you may need to replace your service panel.

You should consider replacing your service panel if:

  • You are building out new rooms or renovating: If you are adding a new building on your property or adding more rooms onto your house, the increased electrical demand will likely need to be met with a higher capacity electrical panel.
  • You have an older home with a fuse box: Fuse boxes are an outdated system that can be found on older homes. They are more inconvenient since fuses have to be replaced whenever they blow. Users should also be careful when replacing fuses since an incorrect fuse can cause an electrical fire.
  • You have lights flickering: Dimming or flickering lights are a very common sign that your electrical system is overloaded.
  • You are installing new appliances: New appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, stoves, water heaters, heat pumps, lighting, home theaters, and hot tubs all demand a high level of electricity. A panel upgrade may be necessary for all your systems to run normally.
  • Your electrical panel appears overloaded: If your service panel is warm, making hissing sounds, or releasing a burning smell, these are all indicators of a severely overworked electrical system. Not only are your home appliances at risk of being damaged, your system could cause an electrical fire.
  • Your breakers are tripping continually: Breakers can trip even if your home is well-equipped to meet its energy demands. But if you find yourself resetting your breakers consistently, you may need to update your panel.

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