Electric Generator Services in Westford, MA: Residential Backup Generator Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & More

During a power outage or other emergency, a backup generator can supply electricity to your Westford house. A generator is a dependable, valued investment that keeps your family and company safe and comfortable during a hurricane, flood, or prolonged power loss. Our fully insured and certified experts at Four Star Lighting & Electrical, Inc. specialize in installing, repairing, and maintaining Generac® generators for houses around Westford. With over five decades of expertise and a strong work ethic to guide us, our generator testing service is well known for expertly examining Generac® generators to prevent severe malfunctions.

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With power outages growing more regular and severe weather endangering your family’s and property’s safety, having a generator on standby may be a big comfort during an emergency. Our Westford generator installation service specializes in the installation of fixed or portable Generac® generators for your house. Our highly educated, experienced electricians at Four Star Lighting & Electrical, Inc. are well knowledgeable in selecting the best generator for your specific demands. So, if you’re thinking of installing a diesel-powered Generac® generator or replacing an old Generac® generator, you can rely on our generator replacement service to get the job done quickly.

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Get Your Generac® Generator Fixed by Our Backup Generator Repair Service

A generator may begin to exhibit symptoms of wear and tear, such as leaky fuel, malfunctioning block heaters, or dead batteries. A broken generator may be inconvenient for your Westford business and family, which is why you should call our generator inspection service to discover and rectify any problems as soon as possible. With decades of expertise and abilities to guide us, our Westford backup generator repair service can solve a wide range of generator issues with minimal downtime. Our Westford backup generator repair service specializes in handling Generac® generators, from replacing leaky coolants to repairing a closed shut-off valve.

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Keep Your Generator Running Smoothly With Our Generator Testing Service in Westford

A generator, which may be a savior in an emergency, might malfunction if not serviced on a regular basis. A generator can develop a variety of problems if it is not properly maintained, such as blocked fuel injectors, leaks, or algae buildup. Our Westford generator inspection service operates your Generac® generator under various load situations and assesses how it responds to power demand, assisting you in identifying any issues. With our ultimate goal of meeting your needs, we can ensure that your Generac® generators are ready to use at full power when the need comes.

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