Electric Generator Services in Pelham, NH: Residential Backup Generator Installation, Replacement, NHintenance & More

At Four Star Lighting & Electrical, Inc., we understand that inclement weather or sudden power failure can be a source of distress for you. With the safety of your family being your top priority, investing in a Generac generator can be a wise decision. Equipped with fully insured electricians, we can safely install, repair, and routinely maintain Generac generators for homes in Pelham. A renowned generator inspection service in Pelham, our skilled technicians can help prevent breakdowns by pinpointing both minor and major defects in your generator. So, if you’re looking for a generator installation service that can work around your schedule, then consider leveraging the use of our round the clock availability.

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Is your generator beginning to show signs of wear and tear, such as a cracked belt, pest infestation, leaks, or a closed shut-off valve? Ultimately, these elements weaken the functioning capacity and reliability of your generator. With the optimal condition of your generator being of paramount importance, our generator testing service can help identify defects that can escalate into life threatening risks. Our backup generator repair service in Pelham can repair a wide variety of generator issues, including dead batteries, leaking coolant, or burnt electrical components.

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Install a Generac Generator in Pelham — Hire Our Generator Installation Service

Our generator installation service only installs Generac generators for homes in Pelham. A Generac generator can help keep your property safe and your family comfortable during a power outage. At Four Star Lighting & Electrical, Inc., our generator installation service is renowned for its refined installation technique, breadth of knowledge, and experience driven skill, which is why we can help skillfully install both portable and standby Generac generators. From seamlessly replacing old, faulty generators through our generator replacement service to recommending suitable generators for your given needs, you can easily rely on our professionals to make the ideal choice for you.

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Looking for a Generator Testing Service in Pelham?

A generator needs to be routinely inspected and maintained for it to function properly. A rundown generator can start to show signs of neglect, such as clogged fuel injectors or battery problems. Failing to inspect or maintain your generator can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Our generator inspection service in Pelham expertly evaluates the condition of your generator and assesses its fluid level to make sure it doesn’t experience any breakdown. With us by your side, you can rest assured your Generac generator will continue running optimally for years to come.

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