Electric Generator Services in Billerica, MA: Residential Backup Generator Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & More

A generator has become a necessity. With extended power outages, inclement weather, and unexpected emergencies becoming increasingly frequent, having a generator on standby can help you keep your family safe and your business running. At Four Star Lighting & Electrical, Inc., our fully insured, licensed electricians only install, repair, and routinely maintain Generac® generators for residential properties in Billerica. Renowned for our craftsmanship and reliability in Billerica, you can help prevent a major generator breakdown by choosing our generator inspection service.

Repair Your Generac® Generator With Our Generator Repair Service

Is your Generac® generator starting to leak coolant or fuel or is there algae build up? A faulty generator is troublesome for both your family and business, which is why it’s essential to hire our generator inspection service for identifying any minor faults. With us by your side, you can get a wide variety of generator issues, such as a closed shut-off valve, dead batteries, or burnt components fixed in a timely, safe manner. If you think that your Generac® generator isn’t functioning properly, then consider consulting the help of our backup generator repair service in Billerica.

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Stay Safe During Power Outages in Billerica — Get a Generac® Generator Installed

Our generator installation service only installs Generac® generators that run on diesel, natural gas, gasoline, or propane. A worthwhile investment, a generator can help you stay comfortable during extended power outages. Using a skilled approach and offering 24-hour contact availability for your convenience, you can get a Generac® generator installed at any time of day or night. To add to it, our highly skilled, fully authorized professionals are experts in choosing the right generator for your home’s given needs. So, hire our generator replacement service in Billerica to get your old Generac® generator replaced.

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Hire Billerica’s Trusted Generator Testing Service

Without routine maintenance, a generator can lose its ideal functioning capacity and develop a range of issues, such as clogged fuel injectors, broken pistons, pest infestation, and cracked belts. Failing to maintain Generac® generators will inevitably lead to expensive replacements and repairs. Our generator testing service in Billerica puts a generator under different load conditions, assesses how it responds to the power draw, and checks its fluid levels to ensure it continues running in its optimal condition. A professional generator maintenance service in Billerica, you can trust our team to extend the useful life of your Generac® generator.

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